Need For a Good Media Transcription Services

What is media transcription service?

Media transcription, as the name suggests, refers to the process of converting an audio or video file related to the media sector to the text format.  It is pertinent that transcription agencies or individual transcriptionists assist in creating the accurate and reliable transcripts for the audios or videos, as the case may be. These professionals have expertise in this field and provide affordable transcripts within the allocated timeframe and adhere to the requirements provided.

It is important that the source file is clear and unambiguous and that the transcriber has required equipment to be able to hear the file properly and then convert the same to text. The transcriber should have experience of the subject matter to be able to understand and use the correct terminologies as stated in the audio or video file and also, be proficient with the language of the source file.

In case, the document is to be written in a difference language then the source language, then the transcriber should also have relevant translation skills, in order to ensure that the meaning and interpretation of original file is not lost.

What are the benefits of media transcription services?

Let us assume that a live news interview is being conducted with a high profile business magnet. In this interview, he refers to a previous interview he had given to a different news channel or the interviewer wishes to question him about any event where he was present and the same was relayed in previous week. Now, the interviewer wishes to display the same in current interview. There is an urgent need to search the previous interviews. It is practically impossible to play, rewind and replay all the interviews of this business owner in such a short span of time. This is where the text of such interview comes in handy, which can only be produced using media transcription services. Within a time lag of seconds, that previous interview can be searched through the text searching software and relayed in the live event.

Another scenario that should be examined is of a medical student who needs to appear for his final examination the next day and who has access to only the copies of video lectures conducted in the classroom sessions. Would it be easier to revise and do his last-minute preparations watching those video sessions of his professor or to be able to glance through the text of such sessions? Indeed, video helps in grabbing attention, but it does not help in understand the subject when there may be distractions like questions from other students, etc.

Thus, media transcription services are beneficial for professionals as well as students. It helps in easier indexing, abstracting or searching in the text of the respective video file.

The transcription can also help in ensuring that the information in the video reaches a larger audience, who may belong to different geographies and understand diverse languages. Once the transcription is posted along with the video file, the search engine will also be able to drive more traffic towards the post as new keywords and information is added.

What all is covered under the ambit of media transcription services?

Media transcription services cover the transcription of speeches, movies, television episodes, teleseries, news, interviews, web series, documentaries, advertisements, promotional videos, training materials, podcasts, radio broadcasts, talk shows, comic sequences, coaching sessions, motivational talks, spiritual broadcasts, radio programs or even music.

It has now become much easier to be able to research through zillions of related audio or video files if the transcripts of same are available.

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